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Senior Alumni CC40
From:  "H. Sudjaka" <>
Date:  Thu, 9 Aug 2001 09:48
Subject:  [LurahCC] Senior Alumni

Dear all,

Johan Namio Kida, CC40. He is now nearly 85 years old, lives in Yokohama and stay in a very good shape. An interesting fact that a Japanese went to school in CC, being a Catholic and feel more Indonesian than a Japanese.
He speaks Japanese, Indonesian, English, Ducth, French, German and... Sunda.
Graduated from CC in a very tense pre-war time & Japanese occupation in Indonesia, he shared all his moments during high scholl and all other memorable moments in life. All will be narated by CaniPress team in Alumni Directory book.

So help us preserving CC history, contact the Alumni Directory Team when you hear any interesting fact about Canisians.

Team Alumni Directory

Senior Alumni CC40