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COPLAND and co.
Celebrating the 100th anniversary of Aaron Copland (1900 – 1990)

Leonard Bernstein

Songs from "Peter Pan" (words by L. Bernstein)
  1. My house
  2. Peter, Peter
  3. Who am I?
  4. Never-Land (duet)

Charles E. Ives Songs
  1. Slow March (Inscribed to the children’s
      Faithful Friend) (Harmony T. Ives) (1888)
  2. Immortality (1921)
  3. Songs my Mother taught me (Heyduk)(1895)
  4. Like a sick eagle (John Keats) (1920)
  5. Memories (Harmony T. Ives) (1897)

Leonard Bernstein Two Songs
  1. So Pretty (Adolph Green & Betty Comden)
  2. Piccola Serenata, for Karl Böhm

Aaron Copland Ching-A-Ring Chaw (Minstrel Song)
  (no. 5 from "Old American Songs", book 2)


Ned Rorem Songs
  1. I am Rose (Getrude Stein)
  2. Early in the Morning (Robert Hillyer)
  3. A Christmas Carol (+ 1500 AD)
  4. The Nightingale (+ 1500 AD)

Elliott Carter Three songs on poems by Robert Frost
  1. Dust of Snow
  2. The Rose Family
  3. The Line-Gang

John Cage The Wonderful Widow of Eighteen Springs
(James Joyce, from "Finnegan’s Wake")
(for soprano and a closed grandpiano)

Alberto E. Ginastera Canción al Arbol del Olvido (Fernán Silva Valdés)

Aaron Copland Old American Songs, book 1
  1. The Boatmen’s Dance
  2. The Dodger
  3. Long Time Ago
  4. Simple Gifts
  5. I Bought me a Cat (children’s song)