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  BURSA KERJA : 0708
From:  "Arianto Tjandra" <>
Date:  Sun, 22 Jul 2001 08:43
    Subject:  [LurahCC] Lowongan No. 043L0701

      Lowongan No. 043/L/07/01

                   Wanted: Creative HTML/Flash Designer  (19/7/2001)

      Being aligned within the JWT/Adforce group digital@jwt is in the first
      place a communications agency. We deliver flexible, project based
      e-commerce consultancy, multimedia development, on-/off line marketing.
      In all our work we place the consumer/brand relationship at the center
      and only use technology to serve them in the most effective way. We are
      not limited to websites, all new media (www, e-mail, SMS, WAP) is our
      playground as long as the targeted consumer gets there!
      We work and live for the sake of our product: delivering the most
      suprising, creative and effective ideas for our clients.

      We are looking for a creative HTML/Flash designer/programmer who:
           is capable of learning fast
           is able to work within a creative team
           has proven experience with Flash.

      And of course it will be nice if he/she can bring a lot of extras like
      knowledge of Shockwave, Director, Java, Perl, SQL, Linux/Unix, HTTP,
      FTP, etc.

      Assignment will be on freelance base first, with a possibility that it
      can be extended into a fixed contract after a few months. Place of work
      will be Jl. Proklamasi 46, during normal office hours (sometimes more).

      If you are interested: send your CV and samples of your work (URL
      address) to

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