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  BURSA KERJA : 0703
From: "Arianto Tjandra" <>
Date: Thu, 5 Jul 2001 20:08
    Subject: [LurahCC] lowongan bo. 040L0701

   Lowongan No. 040/L/07/01

   Insight is an independent market research company located in Jakarta.
   We do work for most of the largest multinational & local companies and
   believe in being Marketing consultants, not just market researchers.
   We currently have openings for the positions of Research Executive in
   our company. Previous experience in market research is not necessary,
   but, if present would be an added advantage. 
   We are looking for people who are interested in cerebral pursuits and
   are keen to make a career in marketing consultancy through market

   We are looking for people who are:

     a.. Inquisitive - Wanting to always learn
     b.. Challenging - Questioning
     c.. Level-headed - Feet on the ground
     d.. Empathetic - Can understand people
     e.. Committed - Can see a project through
     f.. Hard working
     g.. A Masters degree in Marketing or Business Administration
         or in Psychology/ Sociology/ Anthropology
     h.. Fluent in English
     i.. Extremely comfortable in Use of computers
     j.. Willing to be desk-bound

   What does the work involve:

     a.. Being the bridge between consumer & marketer- Researchers
         are the marketer's eyes & ears
     b.. Broadly, Marketing consultancy
     c.. Specifically,
             a.. Understanding the client's marketing problem
             b.. Designing a study to understand the issues
             c.. Project management
             d.. Analysis of data gathered through the research
             e.. Translating the data into solutions to the problem.
     Interested and qualified applicants should submit his/her 
     complete application by email or fax to:

   Human Resources Department, Insight Independent Market Research.

   Email:, fax. 62-21-5704974

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